Media and Bridget Hana Art

Bridget Roderman’s philanthropic work has been well received, whether supporting university programs or musical endeavors. Additionally, Bridget has been featured in media around the United States and across the globe. This page will bring you some of Bridget’s media highlights.

Brainstorm at Boston University

Boston University regents accept a gift of Bridget Hana ArtBridget Roderman’s “Brainstorm”, one of her most unique artworks, has been donated and placed on display at the Boston University’s School of Medicine. The unique piece was made with 51 molded brain sculptures.

“Brainstorm” now adorns the walls of the conference center at BU’s Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy.

The University sent a letter of gratitude for the donation.

Supporting Nat King Cole’s Generation Hope

NKC_Newsletter1-2Bridget and Glenn Roderman hosted the kick-off for the Nat King Cole Generation Hope fundraiser, hosting a star-studded event at their home in Boca Raton in March. The event included attendance by Mr. Cole’s three daughters, Natalie, Timolin, and Casey. All three sisters signed Bridget’s painting of Nat King Cole.

Florida’s congressman, Allen West, also attended the event, which featured about 70 guests of honor, all on hand to help get a new round of critical fundraising started for the foundation, which raises money to buy musical instruments for children in South Florida’s public schools, from Miami-Dade County to Palm Beach County.

You may read more about the Nat King Cole Generation Hope Foundation at

Art In Public Spaces

wheel.of.fortuneWheel Of Fortune

Bridget Roderman’s “Wheel of Fortune” hangs in the offices of Credit Card Systems. CEO Bernie Shavitz took a moment to send the accompanying letter of thank you for Bridget’s work.


hot.wheels.01Hot Wheels

Bridget Roderman’s “HOT WHEELS” is among the most-revered elements of the racing motif of one of Melton Management’s most successful properties in Boca Raton. H. Keith Melton was kind enough to send Bridget Roderman the accompanying letter of thanks.